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Introducing NUCO Liquid Organic Premium Coconut Oil

Premium Liquid Coconut Oil

In its continued pursuit to provide innovative, natural, and healthy products, NuCoconut introduces Premium Liquid Coconut Oil.  It is comprised of approximately 93% Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), including Lauric Acid, making it more potent than Virgin Coconut Oil. Other characteristics and benefits include the following:

a.       Remains liquid even at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing its potential applications;
b.      Retains all the known benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil;
c.       100% pure and all natural, containing no trans-fatty acids or cholesterol; and
d.      100% organic and kosher, non-GMO.

Once thought of as unhealthy, coconut oil is now recognized as one of the healthiest oils on earth, highlighted in various media outlets while gaining a strong consumer following for its health and nutritional benefits. With its increased MFCA content and a wider range of applications, Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is uniquely positioned to address the needs of health conscious consumers. 

Liquefied and Multiplied

Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is derived from Virgin Coconut Oil produced from organic certified coconuts. High potency is achieved through a purely physical process that removes most of the long chain fatty acids, or the "bad fat" without the use of any chemicals.  The result is a crystal clear coconut oil that contains no trans-fatty acids or cholesterol and remains liquid even at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

With over a 90% concentration of MCFAs, Premium Liquid Coconut Oil has more than 25% more MCFAs than  Virgin Coconut Oil.  It also has a much lower melting point which allows consumers to use the product in a greater number of ways. Consumers can now enjoy coconut oil as a salad dressing, dip for bread, sauce, or as a healthy cooking oil.  Other applications include its use as a food supplement, or as an ingredient in health, industrial and cosmetic products.

Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is available in the following flavors:

Original – Premium Liquid Coconut oil in its pure form;
Garlic – A classic that adds a wonderful garlic flavor to all your food;
Lemon Herb – A delicate blend of…….

Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil

Complementing its innovative line of coconut products, NuCoconut unveils its organic expeller-pressed coconut oil in original, garlic, and lemon herb flavors.  A staple in many tropical countries, Nuco Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil Coconut oil is a stable oil that makes it suitable for cooking at medium temperatures.  An oil that is slow to oxidize, it resists rancidity and has a shelf life of two years.  Nuco Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), including Lauric Acid, identical to extra virgin coconut oil.   An effective and economical choice for baking, cooking, frying, Nuco Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil  is also appropriate for the consumers’ body and hair care needs.  

Organic and All-natural

The process of producing Nuco Expeller-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil begins with gathering fresh organic coconuts from pristine coconut plantations untouched by fertilizers or pesticides.  The oil is pressed from the dried kernel and then undergoes a process to remove any impurities in the oil. Nuco Expeller-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil is:

a.       Organic and Kosher;
b.      All-natural;
c.       Gluten free;
d.      Non-GMO;
e.      Rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids; and
f.        Non-hydrogenated.  

Available in three flavors, namely original, garlic, and lemon herb, consumers now have an array of choices from Nuco for their coconut oil needs.

Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Nuco proudly announces the addition of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to its line of coconut products.  While many attempt to characterize their coconut oil as extra virgin, Nuco Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil represents a new standard in the market.  It starts from the coconut plantations from which the coconuts are derived. Tucked in densely lush areas of the Philippines, fresh organic coconuts are plucked at maturity for immediate processing.  Coconut cream is extracted from the ground meat, without any heat applied, and then centrifuged and filtered.  Nuco Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is:

a.       Non-GMO and all natural;
b.      100% Organic and Kosher;
c.       Retains the natural elements of the coconut oil, particularly Medium Chain Fatty Acids;
d.      Gluten free;
e.      Non-hydrogenated; and
f.        Raw 


Unlike “cold-pressed” or expeller pressed virgin coconut oil, Nuco Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not subjected to high heat.  The meat from a fresh coconut is pressed and never heated to extract the cream, and the oil is obtained through separation from the cream by way of centrifugal force.  

Nuco Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is creamy and light, like it just came straight from the coconut.  A flavorful aroma coupled with its light taste makes it enjoyable by the spoonful.  Cooking and baking have never been better with the use of Nuco Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconut Nectar

The Natural Sweetener

NuCoconut  is excited to announce its newest offering, Coconut Nectar from the coconut flower.  Flowing abundantly from the coconut tree which is considered the tree of life, the sap from the coconut flower is a natural sweetener that is a rich source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.  Nuco Coconut Nectar is:

a.       Organic;
b.      All natural;
c.       Gluten free;
d.      Non-dairy;
e.      Vegan; and
f.        Raw.

Available in a 12oz. bottle, Nuco Coconut Nectar can be readily enjoyed in a variety of ways;  as a substitute to maple syrup and other liquid sweeteners, as an added layer on yogurt or ice cream, or mixed in shakes, smoothies, or other drinks.

Healthy alternative to sweeteners

Nuco Coconut Nectar is a nutrient rich sweetener that is unmatched by any commercially available liquid sweeteners, with 17 naturally occurring amino acids, a broad spectrum of vitamins including B and C vitamins, and other minerals.  As a natural low fructose sweetener, Nuco Coconut Nectar further stands apart from sweeteners such as agave and honey.    It is a great and natural alternative sweetener for those who are concerned about their sugar intake.

Unrefined (Raw)

The coconut sap is naturally sweet when collected, thus requiring minimal exposure to low heat to remove excess moisture to produce the nectar.  This is in contrast to other available sweeteners that are subjected to high temperatures for long periods.  High  temperature processing adversely affects the nutrients naturally found in the coconut sap. Nuco Coconut Nectar does not contain any chemicals, additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Organic Vegetarian Coconut Milk Powder

Organic, Natural, Vegan

Vegans and non-vegans can rejoice at the introduction of an organic vegetarian coconut milk powder.  Unlike coconut milk powder that is currently offered, Nuco’s Organic Vegetarian Coconut Milk Powder does not contain any sodium caseinate.  The result is a product that is excellent for a multitude of applications, without any ingredient sourced from milk.  Nuco Organic Vegetarian Coconut Milk Powder is:
a.       Vegan;
b.      Organic;
c.       All natural; and
d.      Rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

Organic Vegetarian Coconut Milk Powder has a powder-like, fine texture, produced utilizing the spray drying process of raw unsweetened coconut milk combined with an organic carrier. It is shelf stable and easy to use.  It is primarily composed of 55% Virgin Coconut Oil, which provides a great source of medium chain fatty acids such as Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids.  Nuco Organic Vegetarian Milk Powder is great as coconut milk when mixed with water, or to add flavor to many drinks like smoothies, coffee, tea, or as an ingredient in food. 

About Nucoconut

The Nu Coconut
The past decade has seen a recognizable and positive shift in the appreciation of coconut products.  Truly the tree of life, the coconut is a source of a multitude of products that promote the health and well-being of consumers.  In the midst of the increasing variety of coconut based offerings, Nucoconut continuously seeks to transform the market by offering an innovative line of coconut products that not only benefits consumers, but positively impacts the lives of people and the communities involved in the production.         

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A Philippine saying goes: “"He who plants a coconut tree, plants vessels and clothing, food and drink, a habitation for himself, and a heritage for his children."  Coconut trees have a life span of 80-90 years, and the trees can grow in almost any kind of soil.  Because of its life span and its ability to continuously provide fruit and be replanted, the coconut tree, or affectionately called the “tree of life”, is considered a "three-generation tree", supporting a farmer, his children, and his grandchildren.

These coconut plantations are also free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thus ensuring the resources will be available for future generatio